Summertime Wine Faves

Summer is in full force, which means it’s time for picnicking, hiking, lounging on the beach and taking the time to enjoy the summer sun. But whatever your preferred outdoor activity, a great bottle of wine can brighten any occasion. Here are a few of our favorite wines to drink this summer.


You had to know this fan favorite would top our list. Crisp, cool and refreshing, a nice glass of Rosé can be the perfect ending to a hot day. Rosé’s explosion in popularity has led to interesting experimentation—perhaps now more than ever, you can find an incredible range of rosé styles, flavor profiles, and shades at an accessible price point. So try a few and find your favorite!

Sauvignon Blanc

When it comes to pairing wine with a season, Sauvignon Blanc and summer are a perfect match. Sauvignon Blanc is a Bordeaux varietal that is also doing great things in New Zealand and Napa (among other places), is a friend to garden-fresh veggies, most cheeses, fruits, and seafood. Make sure your bottle is icy and chilled because a warm glass of Sauv Blanc is a sin! Enjoy a glass to unwind after a long day of yard work or being in the sun.


Some things get a reputation they don’t necessarily deserve, like Riesling, which for years has been unfairly regarded as a wine that's “too sweet." An incredibly versatile white that pairs with almost any food, this wine can range from bone dry to very sweet, usually depending on where they’re from. No matter your preference on the sucrose spectrum, there’s bound to be one you’ll like. If you’ve been turned off before by a too-sweet Riesling, try a dryer version from Germany. Another tip - besides being light and crisp, German Rieslings typically have a lower alcohol content than other wines -- which makes that extra glass during your day-drinking session kind of a no-brainer.


A boozy version of fruit punch, Sangria is a summer staple and a great way to add some personality to your pitcher. What we want in sangria now is sparkle and lightness, a drink to give a lift without a crash the next day - not the super sweet, sticky drink you’ve had in the past. And since sangria means summer, summer’s most delicious fruit should flavor the drink so carefully select local fruits that are fresh and in season. If you’re entertaining, hosting a BBQ or just want to take your Saturday up a notch, Sangria is a crowd pleaser and an easy way to look like you put a lot of time and thought into your drink menu.


Ah, Prosecco. Champagne’s Italian Cousin that makes any drink a lot more festive and is the perfect partner for pretty much anything. Want to celebrate? Prosecco. Looking for something to sip while enjoying a fizzy bath bomb? Prosecco. Need a light and airy drink for your girlfriends during a summer playdate? Prosecco. Enjoy it by itself or have a Prosecco bar at your next gathering with options to make mimosas, bellinis or a cranberry cocktail.


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