The Best Spring Food and Wine Pairings

The sun is finally out again. The flowers are blooming. It has finally reached above 50 degrees. It’s officially spring! And to celebrate… it’s time for wine! Whether you are spending the gorgeous weekend spring day at your favorite winery with your girlfriends or ending the night with a glass on the porch, pairing the right wines with your favorite spring dishes can elevate your experience even further. The only thing better than wine is food AND wine. Below are five recommended wine and spring food pairings to make the best of the season.

You had me at Sav Blanc

Nothing represents the freshness of spring better than a bright, refreshing, colorful salad. Salads are also very tempting with summer just around the corner… but that is beside the point. As delicious and springy as salads are, the acidity of salad dressings can easily overwhelm the acidity of the wine, making it taste flat. Pair the spring salad with a Sauvignon Blanc. Its crisp taste and notes of lime, grapefruit, and gooseberry perfectly encompass spring.

Hakuna Moscato

If you are looking to go the sweeter and lighter route, you cannot go wrong with fresh fruit. You’ll want a floral wine. Fruit is sweet, so you will want an even sweeter wine to ensure the wine is complimented, not overshadowed. Pair the fruit with a Moscato. The floral aromatics will be especially present. The perfect sweet treat.

Stop and Smell the Rosé

Rosé is a spring and summer staple, beloved to millennials and Gen X-ers a like. Rosé is one of the most refreshing wines, perfect for a warm day. Dishes that go perfectly with this crisp wine are light pasta and light rice dishes, especially those with sea food.

Loire Galore

Whoever said red wines are too heavy or dark for the spring time have never tried the light Loire Reds. From the mild climate of the Loire Valley of France, these reds are light, mineral, and perfectly acidic. Served slightly chilled, these reds go perfectly with grilled chicken dishes, particularly those with goat cheese.

Fizz the Season

This subtle, charming, and bubbly wine is one of the best choices for a warm spring day. The drier styles of Prosecco pair well with mild cheeses and spring harvest vegetables. The sweeter Proseccos go perfectly with light, spongey cakes and macaroons. The versatility of this wine is one of its most appealing characteristics.


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